Monday, November 12, 2012

Children of the Times.

“DECORATIVE design appears at first sight to be so entirely a matter of the designer’s unhampered fancy, that a history of the art might seem an impossibility; for how can there be a history of millions of independent, unrelated fancies? But as a matter of fact no designer is or ever has been wholly free. In the first place, he knows but an infinitesimal fraction of the world of possible decorative forms—those, in short, which he has been taught or has seen, or has learned by experience. He is hampered by the traditions of his art, by the taste of his age and the demands of the market, by the tools and materials he uses, by his own mental and artistic limitations. By reason of common limitations and environment, the designers of any one place and time tend to work alike in certain respects, and those characteristics which are common to their work constitute the style of that time and region. The history of ornament is, then, the record of the origin, growth, decay, succession and inter-relation of the various styles of decorative design.”

- A. D. F. HAMLIN 

“You are always a child of your time, you can not step out of that!”


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