Monday, January 20, 2014

Experimental Jetset

Amsterdam based design trio Experimental Jetset definitely likes to explore its own, stripped down, graphic language. Their site offers some great insight into their creative process, how they arrived at design decisions, and reflections on the industry as a whole. Plenty to look at, and plenty to read, so go check them out.

Taken from an interview with Design Worlds, Experimental Jetset mulls over the importance of commissions from the cultural sector:

Foundations and museums: how important are, in your opinion, museums to discuss and spread visual culture and other institutions (i.e. foundations) to support specifically the culture of graphic design?

Foundations, museums and other government-funded institutes are important, because government-funding is basically the only alternative we have right now to the dominant ideology of the so-called ‘free market’. Whereas ‘free market’ thinking is motivated mainly by maximizing profit (by giving the consumer what they want, and thus what they already know), government-funding has the potential to enable artists and designers to explore ‘unpopular’ concepts. And we are convinced that it is exactly in this sphere of ‘unpopularity’ where the real innovation and progress takes place. This is the concept of the ‘cultural vanguard’, and we very much believe in this.

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