Monday, June 1, 2015

Beautiful AND Useful: Cap Labels for our BPAL Collection

If you're at all familiar with aromatherapy, you'll know that scents have the ability to affect everything from mood to concentration. Scent is used in sacred rituals around the world, and there are diffusers, oils, and melts available to add any aroma imaginable to your home environment. Of course, there are also millions of perfumes and colognes out there for people to douse themselves in, and we at Winter-Hébert just happen to be completely in love with the scents created by the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

BPAL's perfumes are inspired by literature, folklore and faerie tales, world mythology, cult films, and comic books. There are scents drawn from Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland, The Last Unicorn, Neil Gaiman's novels—hundreds and hundreds of glorious olfactory wonders, across a spectrum that has something for everyone. Our collection is quite ...extensive... and we often choose a "scent for the day"; one that suits a project that we're immersed in, or our mood on that particular morning, etc.

Since we generally subscribe to the William Morris's ideal about not having anything in the house that isn't beautiful and/or useful, we tend to create fun and interesting labels for various household items, just to make them more attractive. Our BPAL bottles did not escape this fate.

They're all wrapped in sumptuous artwork, but when you have as many bottles as we do, tucked into boxes and containers and such, it's a bit painstaking to take them out one at a time in order to find the one you're looking for. Instead, we made little round labels that fit on the bottle caps so we can scan them at a glance and pluck out the ones we need in no time flat.

The Avery labels we use are 3/4 inch in size, and we set them up for printing using one of the handy templates available on the Avery website itself. Originally, we had just made really utilitarian, uniform labels in a condensed sans serif, but the scents are so gorgeous that we needed to do them proper justice. As such, each label has been revised according to the scent that it graces, with appropriate typefaces and graphics.

Scents this stunning deserve demand proper respect.

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