Monday, June 15, 2015

Book Cover Design: A Sneak Peek at the Brothers Jetstream

In our design practice, we have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of different projects ranging from logo design and visual identities to packaging and decorative print. Although we love all the work we do, we get absolutely giddy when we have the opportunity to design book covers, as we're both avid readers and we know that covers can either make or break a novel in terms of its success.

We've had the honour (and privilege!) of working with a spectacular author whose nom de plume is Zig Zag Claybourne, and we're currently in the process of finalizing the cover and interior illustrations for his latest book—The Brothers Jetstream. Below is a sneak peek for your perusing pleasure, and be sure to check out the novel once it's published! It's a brilliant, rambunctious tale about giant sea monsters, clones, and the (potential) end of the world, unless the Brothers manage to save it one last damned time...

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