Friday, February 26, 2016

Yoga Studio Cards

It's always a pleasure to work with local clients (like the Boulangerie we helped to re-brand), and we had the opportunity to create some business cards for another wonderful voisine recently.

Cynthia McCart is a a yoga instructor and massage therapist who lives and works in Saint-Andre Avellin. When it comes to design, she leans towards soft, pastel colours and images that evoke the serenity that she aims for with her clientele.


We placed a mandala with a pink/peach/coral gradient on a pure white background, and used gold type to complement the warm hues. Although the hue looks flat in the rendered images, the printing house was instructed to use gold foil, and the result is just gorgeous. Adding a little bit of shimmer to the cards gave them a bit more personality than if they'd be printed in flat tones.

The cards printed up beautifully, and we'll be keeping consistent with this colour scheme for her promotional flyers, postcards, etc.

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