Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mourning Goth

Jobbing Face:
1. That does odd jobs; employed by the job; employed in odd or occasional pieces of work. Freq. (esp. in later use) depreciatively implying reduced quality and a lack of commitment.

I was searching for some vintage sans serifs while working on a new poster, and found none that really fit the bill. I needed a seemingly plain typeface, what they used to call a "jobbing face", to set some text for an advertisement for the "Economical Mourning and Funeral Warehouse". Sadly, the typefaces in my repertoire, while channeling the spirit of their times, had most of their idiosyncrasies filed down and brought under control. 

It's not the first time I've had to modify and create my own type for these sorts of projects. There are a bunch of "wonky" details that are probably out of place with modern fonts, but flourish when set together to recreate the past. I might eventually set out to create a family of them to round out my typographic palette for future uses.

Meanwhile, the poster for the Funeral Warehouse is available as an art print, tote bag and more through my Society6 page.

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