Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Society6 Tote review

We have a shop up on Society6 at http://society6.com/sparrowlingpress, where we sell a plethora of macabre art prints and eccentric ephemera designs on tote bags, throw pillows and a whole bunch more. It's one thing to see the items as mock-ups on the screen, but how do they stack up when you receive them in person?

Well, pictured here is a selection of tote bags we've designed, and the first thing that struck me after receiving them through the post is that these are BIG bags; bigger than anticipated, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. When seen in context, the 16 x 16 inch tote is a hardy bag for hauling things: think groceries, a laptop, and a bunch of books for that outing to the cafe. Not a bad purchase for 20 dollars!

The artwork was reproduced brilliantly on the thick canvas fabric, and another thing that's not readily apparent on the Society6 page is that the designs get printed on both sides. The art is mirrored on the bottom, so patterns fold seamlessly around the bag and are sewn together on the edges, with a small Society6 label placed tastefully into the crease.

The handles are sturdy and have reinforced stitching, so I can't image them breaking, even if we're carrying a big load of groceries across town (like we do when taking an order back to our forest studio!).

The artwork is faithful to the original, looking as though I've hand-drawn lettering directly onto the bag.

The designs look sharp up close! 

We have several designs available, and there's free worldwide shipping going on this week, so you can experiment and order up an art print and tote bag or two without worrying about postage costs. *nudge nudge*

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