Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Unleash the inner Kodos

Here's our poster design for the Halloween party thrown by Church, a London-based techno label. We took the opportunity to be a little cheeky with this one, and tagged a frightened looking Kodos across the finished poster; our own church-tower of terror.

We've been designing several posters now in the Church series. Sitting behind the designs is an underlying grid that helps to keep all the posters visually coherent. Using the square logo of Church as a springboard, we've divided the A4 page into 6 columns, and 9 rows, creating 54 square modules to play with.

Those constraints certainly lends a lot of flexibility with how the images and text can be arranged and composed on a page. Using the grid as an organizational tool, harmony between image and type is achieved, resulting in a unified composition, while giving wiggle-room for infinite variations.

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