Friday, November 27, 2015

Fonts in Use: Fire and Ice Scandinavian Cookbook

Pinterest is a lovely social network full of stunning visuals that help to inspire people, and is a great venue for both displaying one's own interests, and discovering new ones. The site also emails people with recommendations about what they might find interesting, and we were both surprised and delighted that one of our daily suggestions was a gorgeous Nordic cookbook that just happened to have been created using our Simon Sans typeface.

Published by Ten Speed PressFire and Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking by Darra Goldstein, promises to bring the best of Scandinavian home cooking into your own kitchen. Simon Sans is used on the cover as well as throughout the book's interior. The pin sent to us came via Anthropologie, but you can find out more about the book on its Penguin Random House page, or Amazon.
Considering that I (Catherine) am of Scandinavian descent, this was a particularly beautiful surprise to wake up to. It's always wonderful to see our fonts come to life in other people's creative projects, and we're definitely looking forward to adding this stunning cookbook to our own collection (not to mention trying out the scrumptious-looking recipes within!)


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