Saturday, August 29, 2015

TWIST Festival: Design in Action

In our last post, we showed you the visual identity we created for the TWIST fibre festival: a two-day expo of all things related to fibre arts like spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and more.

Well, the festival was last weekend, and we had the opportunity to check it out in person! Since we work with clients from around the world, it isn't often that we get that kind of chance, so it was lovely to see our wayfinding signs for the festival as we meandered around, checking out different vendors and buying plenty of yarn to play with.

...okay I bought yarn to knit with and Nathaniel indulged my whims because I've promised him handmade socks.

On to the TWIST designs in action!

First and foremost, a series of newspaper adverts we created, which were circulated across Quebec and Ontario.

En route to the festival, merry little sheep branded with the TWIST logo pointed the way.

The sweet-faced lamb graced the entryway!

It was great to see our signs come to life on the venue's walls. They look so different when blown up to several feet in size, as opposed to just displayed on our Mac screens.

Signs and schedules were displayed around the demo area and children's workshop.

Cones and skeins of yarn in every colour and fibre imaginable were on display all around the festival...

...and of course, I had the opportunity to paw through some stunning mini-skeins of yarn made by Studio Loo—one of the vendors there.

More photos can be seen on our Behance page, so feel free to head on over there to check them out.

Happy weekending!

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